Announcing the new and improved SmartPower™ line!

We’ve made some awesome upgrades to the SmartPower power supply product line (which includes single and dual supply configurations) that we can’t help but scream from the tree tops. So what’s all the fuss about? Here’s what we’ve done:

  • A capacitive touch screen on the front panel makes configuring comms a breeze.

  • Also on the touch screen is status info about the supply, so that you know if a fan goes or if the internal temperature is getting too high, among about a dozen possible error messages

  • A new fan with a MTBF of 20 years.

  • Power supplies with 1500 W or higher output power have two 20 year fans

  • All power ranges have more than 3 times the air flow required

  • Addition of Ethernet comms for monitoring power, current and voltage

  • Power display has been added for those who hate multiplying current and voltage

  • New 18-bit differential A/D and a optimized power flow layout dramatically reduces noise